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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VOTER Registration

Welcome to #IndiaVotes campaign FAQ page. Please find below the frequently asked questions. If you have other questions or issues, please submit here with your email id. We will reply you with the solution to your issues about Voter ID or voting.


    Who are #IndiaVotes?
    We are a team of professionals and concerned citizens who use Social Media for Social Change under the banner team @BharatSpandan since 2014. We have observed that only less than half of the population participates in Voting and selects the government of the day which doesn’t represent the majority voice. There is an urgent need of more people participation in electing the govt and take interest in the development of the country. Hence the team launched a campaign #IndiaVotes, working both online and on-ground across India with 2 phases: Phase 1increase voter ID % and phase 2 increase the voting %age.

    • How can we join the #IndiaVotes movement?
    There are 2 modes of campaign we focus on. One is online on Social Media using Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Other one is on-ground campaign. You can join us online by sharing messages of the importance of Voter ID and voting % increase. You can join on-ground with one of our teams working on increasing Voter % or you can form your own team to work in your locality, college or Office. We will also provide ground campaign material and help you plan the ground campaign.

    • What are the major areas #IndiaVotes focus on in Phase 1- Voter ID % increase?
    From our analysis we found that only 30% of the 18-21 age group people participate in election and around the same %age with working professionals. Our main focus is on registering Voters in colleges and offices.

    • How are you different from other orgs in getting voters registered?
    Voter ID is just one of the 10 odd issues political orgs working on. We are a non-political org and we promote directly helping people to register for Voter ID. We first get permission in the colleges to setup a booth and then register students directly on the Election commission website. Same with offices.

    VOTER ID- India:

    • How to register for voter ID online?
    To register for Voter ID please login to Click Apply online for registration of new voter Form 6. Enter your details, upload soft copies of your photograph, Age proof document and Address proof documents.

    • I have already applied for Voter ID online, but haven’t receive the Voter ID card yet.
    You can login to the election commission website and click ‘Track Application Status’ and enter the reference ID to find your application status. If is shows processing status, then you need to wait because EC may be clearing your application in the next processing cycle.

    • My Voter ID application is rejected. Why and what next?
    Rejection of Voter ID application could be due to name entered not matching as in document, or address verification was negative or other reasons. Please submit application again with the right information.

    • I heard many names are deleted from the voter list. How should I confirm if my name is in the list?
    Please login to the portal and check your name in the voter list at:

    • How can I register to be a voter if I am living overseas?
    Login to the portal and register as an overseas voter. Only needed your photo and passport copy soft copies.

    • How can I vote if I am a registered overseas voter?
    As of now you have to come down and vote in your constituency. The Bill to allow proxy voting by NRIs passed by Lok Sabha, but yet to be implemented. Once it is implemented you can appoint a person in India to vote on your behalf.

    Election Commission Contacts:

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